VirtuPAP for DME

Sleep Medicine Specialists

DocViaWeb, a VirtuOx sister company, provides health care professionals an array of services including a VirtuPAP division that connects respiratory therapists and patients through our HIPAA compliant web-based video portal to perform remote CPAP setups.

Issues with current CPAP Setups

  • Cost Associated — Driving to and from patient’s homes daily for CPAP Setups becomes costly
  • Low Reimbursement Rates — CPAP reimbursement rates for DMEs have dwindled over the years
  • Time Consuming — Driving in traffic to and from various patient’s homes is time consuming and sometimes counter productive
  • Compliance Rates — Although CPAP is a highly effective course of treatment, patient compliancy is challenging
  • Equipment Issues — Patient does not feel comfortable with mask choice, issues with hoses and other accessories of CPAPs

Benefits of DocViaWeb CPAP Setups

  • HIPAA Secure CPAP Setups — Ability to connect respiratory therapists and patients through our web-based platform for remote CPAP setups
  • DME Cost Savings — Helps save DME/Healthcare providers from spending money travelling to and from patient’s homes
  • Group CPAP Setups — Ability to do video conferences with multiple patients at once time, decreasing daily time constraints
  • Patient Convenience— Patients do not have to travel to a DME location or leave the comfort of their own home
  • Patient Satisfaction — Ability to quickly resolve patient issues with CPAPs and reduce time spent on troubleshooting

What is VirtuPAP?

VirtuPAP is a low-cost easy to use alternative to making a personal visit to a patient's home. The VirtuPAP platform utilizes secure audio and video technology to care for patients seeking treatment for sleep disorders. This technology allows a DME company to care for patients and obtain reimbursement without requiring a home visit for every exchange. When the DME company connects with a patient using existing phone or internet connections, they are able to significantly reduce costs through a virtual visit. These virtual visits allow for the initial set-up, troubleshooting or follow-up and mask management of PAP patients using real-time video. This capability is not offered by any DME company and helps them save money and maintain patient compliance.

What are the benefits of VirtuPAP?

  • Start patient PAP therapy sooner
  • Troubleshoot equipment problems easily with a visual solution, resolving the issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduce travel costs for PAP setups especially those time consuming weekend calls
  • Better Manage on-call visits by connecting your customer service or respiratory specialists with their patients anytime, anywhere, through our web-based video service

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